Saturday, February 8, 2014

I want to call your attention to a recent acquisition, which I consider remarkable. And the picture will not do it justice.

An artist named Matthew Limpach created a small series (4 I think) of  Cornell homages - spot on reproductions of classic box assemblages. The one he sold me is eerily close to the original on which it is based - at least in spirit and craft. I'm proud to have it on display in my personal museum.

When I asked Matt for a little background on the piece, he responded via eBay with this:

"Yes, this is my work. I do have formal art training, but work as a degreed electrical engineer.  It is one of four that I made in the style of Cornell. I have always loved Joseph Cornell's work and am fortunate that several local museums have his works on pemanent exhibit.

Originally I had only planned to make one for myself. Once I started collecting materials, I decided that I was going to make several. Of the four pieces one was sold on ebay a few months back, the second was given to a friend as a wedding gift. I will be keeping the fourth piece (still unfinished) for myself. "




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