Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joseph & Robert Cornell at Schoelkopf Gallery 1966

Gallery announcement for a show of Joseph and Robert Cornell collages at the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, January 4-29, 1966. ( a few by each and some by both)
Lauren Beck, the dramaturg and assistant director for Hotel Cassiopeia by Charles Mee, notes on her Hotel Cassiopeia blog:
February 26, 1965: Robert Cornell dies of pneumonia. Marcel Duchamp's wife Teeny wrote to Cornell, "I will always remember his lively spirit and gentle humor." Because their deaths were so close, Cornell would always pair Robert and Joyce together in his thoughts as two innocent and helpless sould wandering through eternity together.

January 4-29, 1966: The "Robert Cornell: Memorial Exhibition" opens. Cornell exhibits some of Robert's drawings such as Baby Hippo, Mouse King, and Unbreakable Rabbit-Drum, as well as some collages he made to honor his lost brother. Some critics are unkind, but others realize that Cornell is just trying to preserve his brother's memory, not change the art world.
Lots more wonderful Cornell info at Lauren's blog, here:

See this post about JC's other Schoelkopf show in April & May 1966 and for background on the Schoelkopf Gallery.

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